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How to register, access your registration information, and set up your DwellingLive account. For other helpful information, visit

Start by contacting your community manager. Your community manager will request an email address and other information to verify your identity. Hint: You'll need to wait a few days for them to verify your information and email you a temporary password.


Wait for your email to be sent, it should take a few days for the email to arrive. If it doesn't arrive in a timely manner, contact your community manager again to verify the email will be sent soon.


Once you receive the email, take note of the information on it and proceed to Step 4. Hint: The email should contain your activated email and temporary password (which you'll need to change once you log in the first time).



Locate the login box on DwellingLive's login page. Then, enter the "Login email" and "Login password" specified in your email. Hint: Your DwellingLive account email will be the one you used when speaking to your community manager.

Once logged in, locate the menu at the top of the screen and select "My Account" from the options. Hint: This will take you to the screen that allows you to change your temporary password to a permanent password.



Once in the "My Account" screen, locate your name and email and select "Edit" to the far right of your name. Hint: Your name will have an "L" with a red box around it in the line.

After you select "Edit," DwellingLive with direct you to your "User Details." There, find the "New Password" boxes and input the new password you would like for your profile.


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