How do I join the Facebook group?

You can join the group by following the link to our page (here) and consulting Facebook's "how to" information (here).

I tried to post on the Facebook group, why can't I see it?

An administrator must approve all posts to the Facebook group before they will be seen on the Facebook group's page.

What is Twitter, and how do I get started with it?

Visit Twitter's FAQ page here to read more information about Twitter and getting started with it. To make an account, download the app on your phone from the Apple app store or the Google Play store OR visit this page to create your account on a desktop.

What is Instagram, and how do I get started with it?

Visit Instagram's FAQ page here to read more information about Instagram and getting started with it. To make an account, download the app on your phone from the Apple app store or the Google Play store OR visit this page to create your account on a desktop.

How do I contact the security office?

For non-emergent situations, you can call the main number (760) 851-0133 and follow the phone prompts.

How do I talk to a board member?

Send an email to the appropriate management company so it can be forwarded to a specific board member. They will reply with direct correspondence to your email. For BDSA, visit this page. For BDCA, visit this page.

How do I access minutes from BDSA meetings?

In order to access minutes from BDSA meetings, you must register or login to Associa's community website (if you don't have an account follow our tutorial to make one). Once you've logged in, roll over the "All Documents" tab on the left sidebar navigation and select "Minutes" from the dropdown menu. You also can view many other documents using Associa's community website.

If I lose my association governing documents, where can I get another copy?

In order to obtain another copy of your association governing documents, you must contact the management company for that association (Associa for BDSA and Management Trust for BDCA) and request additional documents OR ask to set up your personal login account to review digital documents. Be advised paper copies may require a fee.

I don't like a current rule or policy. How do I request a change to be considered?

Make your request to the appropriate board in writing OR in person via the corresponding management company OR at an open session board meeting.

I have a new idea for the community. Where do I share it?

You can share your ideas for the community with:

Us! (Our Community at Bermuda Dunes Contact page)

A community manager (Associa or Management Trust)

At an open session board meeting (to find out when and where they take place visit our Meetings & Agendas page)

I want to get involved in community issues and/or I have a concern. How do I get involved?

Attend a board meeting to express any concerns and/or get involved in community issues. Attending meetings helps community members get more information about current issues, understand pros and cons, and make informed opinions about what's currently going on. If you don't know what's happening in your community, visit our What's Going On? page for a general list of current issues being considered and developed.

How do I run for one of the association boards?

Contact the appropriate management company and express your interest to find out about upcoming elections, the process, and deadlines.

Can community members attend board meetings?

Yes, community members can attend all open sessions. Visit our Meetings & Agendas page to find out when and where board meetings take place.

What is DwellingLive?

DwellingLive is a free app for your mobile phone that residents can use to manage their Bermuda Dunes Security account to check guests and vendors in. Rather than calling the security office, you can approve and restrict guests directly from your mobile phone. If you don't have a DwellingLive account but you'd like to make one, visit our tutorial.

What is Nextdoor?

"Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It's the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world. And it's free." Nextdoor website

When I'm on Nextdoor, how do I make sure I'm only posting to Bermuda Dunes Golf Estates?

Visit Nextdoor's answer to that question and other questions like it here.

I want to get factual information about my community board decisions without opinions. Who do I talk to?

Please review our factual information about current issues. Our community managers are also great resources for unbiased information about board decisions (contact Associa or Management Trust).

Do we have community groups?

There are board committees where public participation is encouraged. The BDSA Communications Committee is working with community members to develop community interest groups. If you would like to attend a BDSA Communications Committee meeting contact your community manager at Associa to find out when and where the next one takes place.

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